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How to make one of the most important days in your life, THE DAY, joyful and stress-free? What to do not to let beautiful emotions interfere with little things, and to make the memory of THAT DAY give rise to good feelings after many years? Entrust us with planning and organising your wedding and the wedding party – in Warszawa, its region, or maybe even in Masuria. We also offer preparation of the wedding ceremony and the wedding party for international couples (with a foreign language).

We offer the following for future spouses or other persons responsible for arranging the marriage:

  • creating a theme of the celebration consistent with dreams and interests of the Bride and Groom,
  • finding and preparing a place for the wedding (indoors or outdoors),
  • assisting the Young Couple in their preparation for the wedding,
  • organising the wedding party,
  • providing additional attractions for the Bride and Groom and their guests.

We never operate according to patterns. We implement each order individually to match the expectations and dreams of the Bride and Groom, and our employer. This is why you should entrust us with planning and organising your wedding and the wedding party – in Warszawa, its region, or maybe even in Masuria.

The theme of the ceremony is a motive that connects the Young Couple. This may be an area of ​​common interest, a place or circumstances of their first meeting, a beloved movie that they have watched together a million times or a region that they have explored together. You do not have to limit your imagination or adapt a dream to reality – we will do everything to make it happen!

The place for the wedding ceremony and the wedding party must meet specific expectations related to the scenario of the celebration, season of the year, number of visitors, number of parking spaces, possible accommodations, possibility to ensure a selected menu, and so on, and the like. However, all the Young Couple needs to do is to identify those expectations, and we will find the most suitable place, and prepare it for the celebration.

We take care of the following:

  • process of consultation and conclusion of an agreement with the owner/administrator of a selected place,
  • advising on setting a tent, dance floor etc. if the ceremony is outdoors,
  • rental and supervision of delivery (and cleaning) of all equipment necessary for organizing the wedding in the open air (tents, tables, chairs, a decorative place of the wedding ceremony, etc.),
  • advising on the arrangement of the table and guest,
  • arrangement of the place of the wedding ceremony and the wedding party in accordance with the main theme.

Our help to the Young Couple in organizing the wedding ceremony may include:

  • a list of documents necessary for the marriage to be concluded (civil or concordat),
  • organization of wedding stationery (save the date, wedding invitations, vignettes, guests board with the plan of tables, menu card in harmony with the main theme of the ceremony),
  • assistance in choosing the wedding dresses for the Bride and Groom,
  • organization of wedding make-up,
  • organization of wedding hairstyles,
  • organization of individual dance lessons,
  • organization of a vehicle for the Bride and Groom to go to the wedding,
  • preparation of music and flowers for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding party includes:

  • selection of the right menu,
  • calculation of quantities of required alcoholic beverages, as well as their delivery,
  • selection of a wedding cake,
  • organization of music for the wedding party (a professional band and/or a DJ, announcer),
  • organization of a photographic wedding reportage,
  • organization of artistic outdoor sessions,
  • organization of floral arrangements and decorations,
  • organization of architectural lighting,
  • organization of transfers for guests,
  • organization of hotel rooms for guests,
  • organization of gifts for guests.

What will be entrusted to our agency depends on individual arrangements with customers. These arrangements determine the final price of our services. Detailed rules for cooperation are described in a separate tab.

We encourage you to read the sample list of additional wedding attractions that will make the wedding ceremony joyful and memorable.

Or maybe a wedding in Masuria, as comfortable as in the capital city but in an unusual environment? It is easy with us!

International couples want to invite to their weddings people who do not speak the Polish language therefore we encourage you to get familiar with the offer to organize the celebration in two languages.

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