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Tak! Ja! Да! I do!

International couples in which one of the Young Couple does not speak Polish are increasingly popular in Poland. For such couples, Say Yes! has a special offer.

In addition to planning and organising the ceremony (weddings – in Warszawa and its region, as well as in Masuria) you can entrust us with:

  • providing a sworn translator for the wedding ceremony,
  • organising a sworn translation of documents necessary for the marriage,
  • preparing wedding stationery in different languages,
  • coordinating the wedding by an English-speaking consultant,
  • taking care of guests from abroad, including:
    • organising group flights/travels,
    • transfers from/to the airport/train/bus station/hotel.
    • transporting from the hotel to the place of the celebration,
    • additional attractions for visitors from abroad, for example, sightseeing in Warszawa or designated places in the area.

Mixed pairs derived from different cultural backgrounds can choose from different scenarios for the wedding ceremony and the wedding party taking into account cultural differences.

Say Yes! Dis oui! Скажи да! Wedding Company – wedding planning – Warszawa and its region